BOOKS BY DON CHRISTLIEB: " Recollections of a First Chair Bassoonist: 52 Years in the Hollywood Studio Orchestras," 1996. Donald Orville Christlieb ( 1912-2001): Founder Christlieb Products (1938), see Celebrated bassoonist with the Alfred Newman, 20th Century Fox Film Orchestra and co-founder of the Los Angeles Woodwinds. Father of Anthony (A.C.Christlieb) and tenor saxophonist, Pete Christlieb.

First edition printing contains 8-1/2 x 11 paperback format, 145 pgs text, 7 pgs Index, Illustrations, photographs. Featured are more than eighty film composers and more than 750 film scores on which Don played first chair bassoon.

" One of my favorite performers (who) played for some of the great composers and conductors of our time."........David Raksin

" There are few books about film scoring written by musicians who were in the studio orchestras during the golden age of film." ..Elmer Bernstein

" This book, like anything self-published, will undoubtedly find its way into few libraries, yet scholars of film music can ill afford to ignore it. The details of Hollywood studio culture that Christlieb has so lovingly recorded- details available nowhere else-will be bobbing to the surface of books on film music for decades to come.' ...H. Stephen Wright, Northern Illinois University (Music Library Association, "Note, " June 1999)


" ..scholars of film music can ill afford to ignore it."