A Past Life Journey into the Landscape


A Past Life Journey into the Landscape by I.L. Weiss and A.C.Christlieb is a self-published collectors edition featuring the reproduction of 80 oil on canvas originals painted by the authors from 1998 to 2000.

The book is a spiritual and visual journey through selected landcapes found in the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and the focus is upon the spiritual influence of ancient Native American tribes who once dwelled within the inland and coastal regions of Southern California.


A PAST LIFE JOURNEY INTO THE LANDSCAPE by I.L. Weiss and A.C. Christlieb, August, 2002; First Printing, Collector Edition; Library of Congress Number 2002092919; 11 x 8-1/2 format, hand bound; 62 pgs, 7 pages dedication, table of contents, foreword, preface; 55 pages text, illustrations, photographs, biographies, appendix I and II, index and certificate of authenticity.


$75.00 per copy (includes slip case) 2098





To protect the value of the collectors edition limited to 225 signed and numbered copies, each digitally printed, collated, bound and sewn book is enclosed in a hand made (140lb Canford) slip case.
2098-Slip Cover





Page 55 of the edition is the Certificate of Authenticity from the authors.

Since the authors were only able to hand bind five books per week, the date of signature reflects the week in which those books were hand bound.