I.L. Weiss: Born Irving Lester Weiss, July 8, 1925 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Parents, Katie and Joseph Weiss immigrated from Russia at the turn of the century. His family moved to Los Angeles in 1930 where young Irving attended school in Boyle Heights. After graduation from Belmont High School in 1940, he worked at Douglas Aircraft in a defense plant until he was drafted into the Army. He served in WW II in Belgium and Germany and studied Art and landscape design at the American University of Biarritz in France before his discharge from active duty.

Upon his return to the states, Irving attended Los Angeles City College and graduated with a degree of Associate in Art and Theater Design. He received a Certificate of Art Completion at the Chouinard Art Institute and studied photography at USC.

Irving co-owned the Millo Gallery in Sierra Madre, California (1952-1955) in association with landscape artist, John Millo Pemberton whose untimely passing forced the gallery to close. Irving was employed in a Hollywood photo lab until his membership in IATSE enabled him to accept a position with 4-Star Film Distribution and later, Bonded Film Distributors until his retirement.

In 1998, Irving rekindled his love of art and renewed his love of painting  with  the association of A.C.Christlieb, which culminated in their two-man exhibits in September and December of 2001. In addition to designing and building the panels for their show, which displayed more that 100 original paintings and digital prints, Irving has accepted commissions for murals and portraits as well as co-authoring A Past Life Journey into the Landscape.




A.C.Christlieb: Born, Anthony Christlieb, February 26, 1941 in Huntington Park, California. Tony attended Los Angeles area schools: Commonwealth Avenue, Virgil Junior High, Emerson Junior High and University High School in West Los Angeles. His early interests in art, music and theater were encouraged by parents, Don and Pearl Christlieb, both accomplished musicians. He enrolled in UCLA in 1958 as an undergraduate in music, but graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Arts in 1963. He also completed Reserve Officer Training Corps summer camp and earned a commission in the US Army Signal Corps with orders to report to active duty in 1964. He served in the Field Photo Section of the Army Pictorial Center in Long Island City, New York (1964-1966).

Tony produced his first of three productions of igor Stravinsky's History of a Soldier, while on leave from his active duty assignment in the summer of 1965. The La Jolla Musical Society sponsored production featured conductor, Milton Katims and Tony's father played bassoon in the orchestra. Tony's second and third productions of the work were sponsored by The Department of Parks and Recreation at Barnsdall Park and the Musicians Union, Local 47 ina production mounted as a tribute to the composer at The Pilgrimage Theater (John Anson Ford) and which featured actor, John Hoyt in the role of the narrator (1971).

The early influence of music and music theory in Tony's oil painting is evidenced by his twelve-tone paintings from 1972 to 1982 in which he adapted composer George Tremblay's Definitive Cycle of the Twelve Tone Row.

His introduction to portrait artist, Claireline Haddix in 1975 began a partnership in art from Long Beach, California to Malaga, Spain where they lived and painted in a 200 year old farmhouse and began sketches for their pictorial history of the American Carousel. Upon their return the the states, Tony and Claire exhibited their work in a series of traveling fine art shows from 1975 to 1983 in California, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho , Oregon and Washington State. Spirit Horse, Spirit Riders, painted in 1994 was among Tony's first oils painted after Claire's passing in 1991. He uses the nom de plume, A.C. Christlieb as a tribute to her memory and for the inspiration her joyful spirit continues to give him in all the days ahead.


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