All Weiss-Christlieb Limited Edition Prints exhibited in the print galleries will be enhanced by the following five double matte color combinations:

Mat 001 Autumn Gray/Pearl (Gray),

Mat 002 Rust/Butter,

Mat 003 Rust/Pearl Gray,

Mat 004 Lapis/Butter,

Mat 005 Lapis/Pearl Gray

Mat 001 Autumn Gray/Pearl
Mat 002 Rust/Butter
Mat 003 Rust/Pearl Gray
Mat 005 Lapis/Pearl Gray
Mat 004 Lapis/Butter

Any double matte color combination will enhance your print.

All matted prints from the print galleries are automatically Mat 001. To order a specific matte with your limited edition print, select the Matte number (Mat 002-Mat 005). E-mail your specific matte request to Weiss-Christlieb in addition to your confirmed PayPal order.

Weiss- Christlieb will confirm your specific matte request before your order is shipped.

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